Tuesday, 26 April 2011


To those of you that know me...all things green are pretty high on my scale of priorities! For those of you that don't, here is a closer glimpse into my world of all things green...

Green started for me as an inheritance from my dad, Clive Bernard Kennedy. This is the man that loved green, all things green. This is also the man that infamously yelled out to the whole of our neighborhood that his 16 year old daughter had sex and now she is pregnant, on the main road of our Melbourne suburb, some 17 years ago! He was my hero my dad,   yes- even at this scary time so many years ago, but all in all he was a trooper for the faith, and an inspiration to those around him and above all things he believed in me. I hope he looks down from heaven and is happy with what he sees in his family that are here.

It is quite ironic now but this man told me in his final years, that he thought I might even talk to the Prime Minister one day, and somewhere and somehow these beautiful blessings with amazing meetings have happened in my life. My dad means alot to me, his life is part of my inheritance.

Cant wait to share many joys, parenting tribulations, wondrous advice, and of course all things green over the course of time.

Look forward to your company on the way..!!! xx

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  1. Can't wait to share the joys and journey with you too! Welcome to Blogland! x


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